Dear Broadcaster,We are pleased to inform you that your station DesaFM is now live in the Nokia Internet Radio service. The following station streams are now available to Nokia Internet Radio end users, unless a reason for the stream's rejection is stated:http://desafm.stereo.it.cx:8000/: is OKTo download the Internet Radio application for free to compatible Nokia devices or to learn more about the service, please see http://www.nokia.com/internetradio.For more information about the full Nokia Music offering, see http://www.nokia.com/music.Nokia Internet Radio brings you an ever increasing choice of radio stations, worldwide. Easily accessible over GPRS, WLAN or 3G and using the Station Directory, you can search for stations by name, genre, language or location.If you're looking for radio inspiration you can browse our 'Top Stations' to find out what everybody else is listening to.Variable download rates offer a quality listening experience whether you're using WIFI or data transfer, with or without a data plan.Thank you for being a part of the Nokia Internet Radio family!Best regards,Nokia Internet Radio Team


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